Hey friends!  How I’ve missed you!  I know it’s been TOO long since I wrote anything, but fall is considered “busy season” for photographers.  It kind of rolls into early December as well.  Any down time I happen to have I want to spend with Avery so writing has been put on hold for bit.  Obviously my five month old REALLY wants to go to the pumpkin patch and decorate her Christmas tree!  Isn’t it funny how we do those things “for our kids” but it kind of ends up being more for us?  Avery’s first Halloween and first Thanksgiving are behind us already!  Time has been flying!  So I took her to hobby lobby and bought her first Christmas tree!  We turned on the Pentatonix Christmas album and she watched while I decorated it, and then I watched her eyes light up once it was finished.  Every penny spent was instantly worth it.  I wish I had something juicy to write about or something in my personal life to share, but honestly I’ve been so busy working and being momma that the most exciting thing to happen this week is that I bought a giant 24 pack of frozen waffles.  Not that my life isn’t exciting, I love every second of it.  I just don’t want you guys getting bored with the 80th post about how obsessed I am with my kid.  You obviously know I’m obsessed.

One thing I’ve been wondering lately is HOW do you other moms fit working out in your schedule?  There is no way.  MAYBE I can understand working out at home, but those of you who go to the actual gym……HOW?  For starters, I hate having to have a sitter.  I feel guilt about it whether I am working all day, or just having my mom watch her while I shower.  Do I bring her to the gym with me?  What does she do in while I’m hating my life on the treadmill?  Okay, so I’ll work out at home.  I have youtube and a yoga mat.  Let me just get up drink coffee, feed Avery, start laundry, answer emails, edit photos, feed Avery, play with Avery, run errands, eat lunch, feed Avery, go to the store, play with Avery, eat dinner, feed Avery, answer more emails, bathe Avery, feed Avery, put Ave to bed, edit, edit, edit- Oh it’s midnight, time to work out…Just kidding, I’ll eat Oreos and pin fitness stuff on Pinterest.  None of that even accounts for when I shower, or clean, or actually have full days of photo shoots.  So those of you who are killing it at the gym, I APPLAUD you.  No fucking way I can make it happen.  I’m tired.  Thinking about it makes me tired.  Women do this shit daily and they have more than one kid!  You guys rock.  Someone once said to me, “You think you’re supermom.” and yes, they meant it in a hurtful way.. but shouldn’t we all think we are superheroes?  Being a single mom doesn’t make me a superhero, being a PARENT does.  There’s nothing wrong with feeling proud of yourself!  No, I didn’t work out today, but I got a lot done and stayed focused on my goals and my baby is happy and healthy and sleeping soundly in her room.  Yeah, I’m supermom.  Fuck off.


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