mean girls turn into bitter women



We all know by now, girls are mean.  No matter the age, girls are just plain mean to one another.  It never really ends, whether you are 15 and not carrying a Michael Kors bag, 25 and not married yet, or 45 and having marital problems.  You’ll get talked about.  Age doesn’t matter.  Little girls, teenage girls, and grown ass women can be vicious creatures.  Obviously not all of us are spawns of Satan himself, but y’all know damn well we have all had our moments.  I will admit first hand, that although I legitimately try to be a good person and be nice to people, sometimes I’m a judge mental asshole.  I’m working on it though, which is more than I can say for some women.

Lately, I have heard the words “Pinterest mom” a lot.  No one has said this meaning anything bad.  They’re just saying things like, “Your nursery looks like a PINTEREST nursery!”.  I have heard, “You’re gonna be one of those PINTEREST moms.” at least five different times.  I never took that as a bad thing really.  Well this week I read this woman’s blog about her take on “Pinterest moms”, and damn this woman was angry.  Basically the entire thing was bashing the moms that go overboard on the birthday parties, that do over the top Valentine boxes, and DIY halloween costumes instead of store bought ones.  She has so much hatred for this fellow mother because she made cookies from scratch for a bake sale instead of buying some from Costco like she did.  She thinks Pinterest has created some kind of “standard” and that if you don’t measure up you’re less of a mom.  I desperately want to choke this lady and hug her at the same time.

Look, I don’t set out to make anyone else look bad or feel like they aren’t “measuring up”.  Do we have to beat each other down about literally everything?  Some of us are just creative people.  It’s in my DNA.  I have always been this way.  I get it directly from my wonderful momma.  Pinterest doesn’t have a thing to do with it!  My mom was coming up with GENIUS ideas for Valentine boxes and helping me create one LONG before Pinterest was a thing.  I had cool, “outside the box” birthday parties because my mom’s brain thinks OUTSIDE THE BOX.  It’s just who we are.  I couldn’t give a shit less if you want to get a shoe box and let your child stick stickers all over it and take it to school on Valentine’s day.  Was your child super proud of it?  Did you help and have a great time together doing it?  THAT’S the point.  My mom and I spent good, quality time making my school projects and that’s what matters.  On Halloween, we usually had funny DIY costumes from things around the house.  I never argued because I realized early on that my mom was good at this stuff.  I wanted to be Britney Spears for Halloween when I was like 10.  Are you telling me that because my mom could successfully make me a microphone out of pipe cleaners that she’s a bitch for trying to “out do” the moms who bought a plastic microphone from Walmart?  For real?  Get out of here with that shit.

Pinterest was just a gift to all of us creative people because we can get new ideas and share our own.  It’s not a fucking cult created to make you feel stupid or incompetent.  If you can’t bake cookies go buy some, but that mom who made them from scratch… did you ever think that maybe that’s her favorite thing to do?  It’s just her hobby.  Maybe her grandma or her mom taught her, and she has always loved to bake with her son or daughter.  Don’t be an asshole, just eat her cookies or brownies or whatever.  You know they taste better than your store bought ones.

Is that the problem?  Are you pissed off because hers are better?  Are you mad that my kids Valentine box looks like a replica of Darth Vader, and your kid just covered a shoe box in stickers of Yoda?  WHO CARES.  Your kid will not remember the box.  Your kid will remember you guys together picking out the stickers and searching for the box you would use.  He or she will remember how much fun it was spending time with you.

As women and as mothers, we need to be lifting each other up.  We need to be more worried about raising our kids to be decent human beings rather than calling Stacey to bitch about Sarah’s oatmeal raisin cookies.  I want to raise a strong, successful woman.  I will do that by being an example of one.  If I buy store bought cookies, I’ll make sure to buy Avery’s favorite kind!  If she wants to make her Halloween costume I will take on that challenge, but if she wants to be a dinosaur that she finds at Target then dinosaur it is.  I just can’t promise I won’t jazz it up with some bows or something.  😉

Maybe I am a “Pinterest mom”, or maybe I’m just a creative mom who thinks outside the box.  Either way, I’m just out here trying like the rest of you.  I’m sure I’ll be hiding in the bathroom with a Hershey’s bar and a bottle of wine in no time!  Isn’t that where most of us end up anyway?

“Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women, who have her back.”

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